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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence research at the University of Alberta is strong in both the basic and applied aspects leading to the development of computational theories of intelligence.

Research Groups

  • Computer Go Research Group: develops high performance search algorithms and game playing programs such as Fuego, the first Go program to beat a top human player in 9x9 Go.
  • Games Research Group: engages in the design, analysis, and implementation of artificial intelligence technology  that is suitable for use in high-performance game-playing programs.
  • Intelligent Reasoning Critiguing and Learning (IRCL) Group: conducts Artificial Intelligence research on real-time heuristic search, interactive story-telling and cognitive modeling. Our recent applications have been with video games. We have on-going collaborations with the Department of Psychology, UBC Okanagan, Reykjavik University and Disney Research.
  • Medical Informatics Group: is involved in a wide range of projects, in collaboration with many teams of medical researchers/clinicians, to produce systems that effectively learn classifiers that make accurate predictions about future patients. We are now dealing with various cancers (breast, brain, leukemia), transplant, diabetes, stroke, and depression. 
  • Planning Research Group: develops planning algorithms and state of the art planners that use macro sequence learning and Monte-Carlo random walks. 

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Awarded To Award Recipient(s) Awarded Date
University Award
Faculty of Science Research Award
Faculty of Science
Michael Bowling January 1, 2014

International Best Paper
Best Paper Runner-up
Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence Conference
January 1, 2014
National Award
AI Doctoral Dissertation Award
Canadian Artificial Intelligence Association
Gábor Bartók January 1, 2013
National Best Paper
Best Paper Award
Canadian Conference on Artificial Intelligence
Russ Greiner
Oliver Schulte
Gustavo Frigo
Hassan Khosravi
January 1, 2010
International Best Paper
E.M. Gold Award for best student paper at ALT2010
Algorithmic Learning Theory conference
Gábor Bartók January 1, 2010